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Nu Jazz Agency Services

Delivering powerful media, marketing, content, booking, label management, and distribution solutions to help you succeed in an ever changing environment.
Social Marketing & Digital Media Strategy

The Nu Jazz Agency can undertake a myriad of social media & digital initiatives designed to strengthen your internet presence and let the world know what you are up to musically, and most importantly “when” and “how” they can experience it for themselves. ​


Whether you need engaging social media campaigns; you need to maximize your social media outreach; or you need to create a more vibrant engaging presence on the web  -- the Nu Jazz Agency can help you recreate and rebrand yourself and your assets to achieve your goals.


Traditional & Digital Retail Marketing

Are you an independent artist or label who wants to strengthen your U.S. & International sales potential?  The Nu Jazz Agency can provide a dedicated and experienced sales staff to help educate traditional & digital retail accounts about your product.

So whether you want features on digital services or to inform independent retailers about upcoming projects, the Nu Jazz Agency can help gain you leverage in the marketplace and steer sales to your chosen distribution channels.

Traditional & Digital
Radio Promotion

When its time for your project to be introduced to radio the Nu Jazz Agency can solicit airplay on traditional domestic U.S. stations or craft a plan to gain you maximum exposure in the digital hemisphere,

Whether you want the record worked to terrestrial radio, or you want to launch into the new streaming territories of such services as Pandora, Spotify, Deezer or XM Sirius — the Nu Jazz Agency can get you heard in places that the traditional radio promoters can’t. That means two things: 1) Additional exposure for you; 2) Potential income from digital exposure.

Traditional &
Digital Publicity

The Nu Jazz Agency has the capability to undertake a wide range of media campaigns for its entire roster of clients. Whether you want individualized media solicitation or campaigns for general awareness -- we’ll get your projects in from of the people who matter.


Whether you want to pursue Domestic U.S. & International magazine coverage or tackle the digital hemisphere in the blogging world; whether you want to gain credible reviews on such digital services as iTunes or just engage the general public the Nu Jazz Agency can help you reach your goals.


Physical &
Digital Distribution

Are you an independent artist or label without a U.S. sales representative? Do you want to strengthen your U.S. sales potential? Nu Jazz Agency offers Domestic U.S. physical distribution and International & Domestic (U.S.) digital distribution assistance to all of their clients.

On a fixed term basis we will engage physical and digital distribution in order to help provide you an opportunity for real growth in the market place.


Content Development



In order to be effective as an artist or independent label you must learn to be the master of your own universe. Effective communication means being able to present your passion and products through various media portals.

The Nu Jazz Agency can aid you in developing and producing all media assets to further your business goals. So whether you need to create or edit video, photographic or audio content for social media or digital outlets we can help.



U.S. Regional & International Booking

Are you an independent artist or label who wants to have your talent exposed in more live performances around the world. Do you want to strengthen your catalogs performance in untapped markets? The Nu Jazz Agency offers Domestic U.S. & International booking assistance  to help you get the attention of key venues around the world.

Whether you want to book a tour of a specific region in the U.S. or want to tap into new territories outside your home base, the team of Nu Jazz Booking agents are available to assist you in your performance goals.

Record Label

Whether you are an artist owned record label with a few select releases  or a largercompany with hundreds of titles in your catalog the Nu Jazz Agency can help you manage and monetize your content so you begin to solidfy your activities in a fiscally responsible manner.


From Social Media management, to Retail & Digital Store Marketing, from Terrestrial & Digital Radio Promotion to Booking assistance for your affiliated artist - we can help you build a new business strategy to help ensure financial growth in a stagnant industry.

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