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Nu Jazz Agency Key Initiatives

The Nu Jazz Agency creates and manages many national and international initiatives around the world including the following: 
Ellis Marsalis
International Jazz
Piano Competition

The Nu Jazz Agency created the largest international jazz music competition in the world, with over 160 entrants from over 27 countries. In 2018 the inaugural Ellis Marsalis International Jazz Piano Competition was created, and funded by over $600,000 in donor funds, corporate sponsorships, and in-kind contributions.


The 2-day competition awarded more than $200,00 in cash & prizes to three individuals including international performances, management assistance, and recordings.


World Arts Talk

The Nu Jazz Agency has developed the world's forst platform to allow students of all ages to chat and learn from industry veterans of all  disciplines and genres from around the world.


Music, Dance, Photograpphy, Film,  and much more is represented in the series of 60 minute conversations from around the globe.

International Association of Jazz managers


The International Association of Jazz Managers (IAJM) is a select group of artist managers from around the world dedicated to the proposition of promoting the art form of world music  and establishing a core set of skills that establish a mandatory level of competency in order to work for and on behalf of artists in this industry.


We act as one for the betterment of all, we share information, and work to promote the music in all its forms. It is a collective body of dedicated and professional individuals who work towards one goal: The Strengthening of Jazz and live music around the world!

Nu Jazz Records

This critically acclaimed record label developes and releases musical recordings on international platforms and in unique physical formats for discerning musical tastes.


From National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Masters to the future stars of the musica industry, there is something for everyone.

National Black Symphony

The National Black Symphony was founded in 2019 as a means to communicate and share the African American cultural experience through orchestral music. With that limited scope in mind, we present musical programs featuring the works of African American orchestral composers and arrangers, performed by people of the African American diaspora, with African American guest musical conductors.


Share in  our heritage, in our culture, and in our telling of our stories through orchestral music. All are welcome, and you're invited too!

Ori-Gen Music Festival

IThe nation's first Pan-Latino Music Festival scheduled to launch in 2022 in NYC is a multi-day cultural event covering the Latino diaspora.

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